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Bone Health and Your Future

Think bones are just for holding you up? Think again! Find out why bone health is so important to our overall wellbeing. Lots of people think of bones as a hard, lifeless material. They think their bones have more in common with rocks than with muscles, but the truth is bones are living, growing, active [...]

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Second Opinions and Cancer Treatment: Why They Matter to Your Health

No matter how much you trust your doctor, a second opinion may be the right decision. Medical diagnosis and treatments can be very complex. With so many variables, it’s nearly impossible for anyone, even highly-trained doctors, to get it right every time. Despite the advancements in medical knowledge and screening technology, nothing is 100% accurate. [...]

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Increasing Bone Density

Find out what you can do to keep your bones strong, healthy, and dense. Bone density is an important health subject for every person. All too often, we don’t think about our bones, let alone take action to keep them healthy, until we have a fracture. However, a strong frame of dense, healthy bones helps [...]

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Dyslexia Diagnosis: Another Potential Tool for MRI Scans

Diagnosing dyslexia takes years, but MRI scanning could bring faster results and better treatment for young children. Dyslexia makes learning to read extremely difficult. A child or adult with dyslexia might be perfectly bright and intelligent in other areas, but they struggle to manipulate the sounds and letters of language. It’s a troubling problem for [...]

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The American Cancer Society’s New Guidelines: What They Mean for Women

21st century breast care is constantly changing. Find out what the new American Cancer Society guidelines mean for you. The American Cancer Society (ACS) is one of the leading sources of information, research, and recommendations for cancer of all types, including breast cancer. In 2015, the ACS sought out to review their breast cancer literature [...]

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