Are MRIs the Best Tool for Early Cancer Detection?

MRIs are very effective medical imaging tools for many purposes, including the early detection of cancer Early detection of cancer is vital, and one of the most effective tools for medical detection is the use of MRI machines. These machines provide high-quality information that allows medical professionals to make informed, confident decisions. So why is [...]

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Male Breast Cancer: What Men Should Know About Risks and Screenings

Breast cancer is far less common in men than in women, but having an elevated risk level could call for screenings Breast cancer is one of the most publicly-discussed health issues in our country. The National Football League dedicates an entire month to raising awareness and research funding. Major League Baseball and the NBA offer [...]

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4 Reasons to Consider Annual Mammograms

Certain risk factors can help determine if yearly screening right for you It’s a universally-accepted fact that early detection in breast cancer (or, for that matter, all types of cancer) is essential to fighting and beating the disease. However, the medical world is still hesitant to recommend an extensive amount of screening tests, including mammograms, [...]

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How to Tell if a Young Athlete Has Suffered a Concussion (and What to Do About It)

With greater awareness of the risks of concussions among athletes, it’s important that coaches and parents know the signs Contact and gymnastic sports are a huge part of life for many families. Sports such as football, soccer, and cheerleading develop physical skills, discipline, and teamwork in the young men and women who participate in them. [...]

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How to Decide if Lung Cancer Screening is Right for You

Early detection of lung cancer is vital, so why do experts only recommend screenings for high-risk patients? Lung cancer is a truly devastating disease. It can be aggressive, painful, weakening, and life-threatening. Anyone whose life has been touched by this medical issue knows that it should not be taken lightly. Because the condition rarely shows [...]

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