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POM MRI and Imaging Centers have been recognized as one of the premier diagnostic imaging centers in both Broward and Palm Beach counties for many years. Our tenet of “First in Service and Satisfaction” is a motto we live by each day.

Services & Modalities

We take pride in making doctors, medical offices and patients experience all that we have to offer, including: High Field MRI, Open MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Bone Density and Mammography services. Our newest center, above,  is located in Fort Lauderdale on Federal Highway just south of Commercial. We have the only High Field Open MRI in the area, with a huge 70cm bore.  Our outstanding commitment to quality care is evidenced by our being awarded both the ACR and AAAHC Accreditations, which are considered the gold standard of excellence in our field.  Read more


A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the friendly and professional staff members I interacted with during my visit on January 20th, 2014. I had limited time to get a Breast US/spot MAMMO taken care of and was very happy your staff made it possible the same day. This was my first visit at your facility and I was pleasantly surprised to find a clean, calming environment (earth tone colors and decor are fantastic) in addition to proper equipment. All in all a very positive experience for me with hopes to find the same level of care during my next visit in approximately six months. Thank you!
Arlene A. , - Patient
Thank you so much for being available late in the evening for our patient. You don’t know how much that means to our practice, and what it says about your company. I can’t find the words to express how much I appreciate that your employee had already shut down the magnet and was walking out the door, but turned right back around to accommodate the emergency scan for our patient. It is a relief to know that we have outstanding people in the medical community that are able to accommodate emergency situations with such a great attitude and willingness to help.Everyone is so friendly and caring. My doctor could not believe how fast he got my report back!!
Ted A., - Patient
I am very impressed with your facility, and especially the kind, caring service provided by your technologist. She is a very special person who really cares about her patients! I was treated with respect and true sympathy by your fine employee. Thank you!
Paul L., - Patient
Everyone is so friendly and caring. My doctor could not believe how fast he got my report back!!
Ted A. , - Office Manager
I was very nervous about my exam, but your technologist made me feel so at ease! She even had someone sit with me during my exam. I don’t know why I was worried! Your office is wonderful!!
Pamela S., - Patient
Someone from your staff came out to help a patient who was struggling with filling out paperwork. That, to me, was outstanding! Awesome experience! Thank you!
David C., - Patient
Your staff is so friendly and helpful! I was in and out in no time!
Robert M. , - Patient
Nothing but good things to say! Your facility was the light at the end of the tunnel for me! The service, the polite staff and professionalism was fantastic! They made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend POM MRI to everyone I know!
David S., - Patient
Excellent, professional staff and great facility.
Marianne S., - Patient
My experience with POM was wonderful. The staff was so nice and friendly. The best part of my visit was my exam, my mammogram was painless.
The staff is very friendly and kind. The facility was clean and I have the best mammogram ever.
POM’S staff is definitely friendly and kind. My overall experience was great. The tech was very Knowledgeable and she made sure I was comfortable the whole time during my examination. Will come back every year for my yearly exam.
Thank you for your excellent customer service. Your radiologist was very professional and caring. She really took the time to explain the process of having a mammogram. The atmosphere was very soothing, I felt at ease during my visit. I appreciate your extended hours.
My experience at POM was excellent. The staff was nice and professional. I felt like I was at home.


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