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Vein Screenings in <br> South Florida

Vein Screenings

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We screen your legs and any other body parts that may need vein care for varicose or spider veins or other signs of vein disease. These screenings are done in a single appointment and don’t involve taking blood or getting hooked up to any painful or scary equipment.

When you leave, you’ll almost always know exactly how healthy your veins are and what treatment options are available for your vein issues.

If you need to come back or get a referral because of a more serious issue, we’ll be able to help you understand your options during your screening, too.

Treatment Options

Our caring physicians, nurses and other trained medical staff are here to help you understand your treatment options. During your vein screening, we will learn about your medical history and look closely at areas of concern.

From there, we can make referrals to specialists as needed or make treatment recommendations for simple treatments in our own comfortable office environment.

At PomVascular, we offer fast, easy and painless leg and vein screenings from our offices in Miami, Florida. These screenings are the first step in healing or resolving varicose or spider veins or managing pain, swelling or other symptoms caused by vein disease.

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Movva Family

Quick and very efficient. They get you in and out. Arrived at 12:15pm for a 12:30pm appointment and was out by 1:15 pm. Perfect!

Dean G.

The staff was so professional and courteous. The wait was minimal and I was in and out in an hour. POM also took the extra time and energy to contact my insurance so I was able to get an MRI that same day!

John S.

What a great experience! From the moment I made my appointment with Vanessa, to the review of my 'whole body scan' results with Dr. Rodriguez, I was treated like a guest. The staff are efficient and I felt comfortable and informed at all times. Thank you, POM and staff!
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