Microphlebectomy in
South Florida

See how microphlebectomy can help patients with vein or circulation issues at PomVascular.

Microphlebectomy in South Florida

Remove painful veins during a safe, outpatient procedure.

Microphlebectomy is a procedure we perform on patients who suffer painful varicose veins that don’t respond to other treatments. It is minimally invasive and involves only a little downtime.

Our skilled physicians take care of you in our office and you go home the same day, usually with a small bandage at a minor incision site and wearing compression stockings. Other aftercare is simple and provided to you in terms that are easy to understand the day of your procedure or beforehand in consultation.

For whom is this?

This treatment is ideal for those who are tired of suffering from pain, swelling or restless legs due to vein disease. If you’re a candidate for microphlebectomy, you can avoid the time and risks of heavier surgical treatments, plus experience immediate or near-immediate relief from pain.

What Happens During A Microphlebectomy

When you come to PomVascular for your microphlebectomy, our highly qualified staff prepares you for the best outcome possible.

The treatment occurs under local anesthesia. Then, we photograph and mark your veins, so the physician has an easy visual guide along your leg or other part of your body. A fine needle creates a puncture for the physician to insert a tiny hook and remove the vein.

We immediately clean and bandage you or, in some instances, give you tiny stitches, which may be internal and invisible to you. Patients wear compression stockings home and for the next two weeks. You can walk around, but we advise you to keep the treated leg elevated as often as possible.

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